Tongue and lip ties in newborns are nothing new, but they have recently gained more attention. New research and studies demonstrate that tight attachments of an infant’s lip and tongue tie can be predictably corrected. This corrective treatment, called a frenectomy, is a short, in-office procedure that can help get baby and you back on the right track to breastfeeding.

Most commonly seen with a tight lip/tongue tie for mom is a sore breast, reoccurring mastitis, mis-shaped, bruised, and blistered nipples. For baby, slow weight gain, pulling off breast frequently, cluster feeding, clicking noises while feeding, unsatisfied baby after 20 minutes of feeding, shallow or poor latch, and many gastric issues that are uncomfortable for baby and concerning for mom and dad.

Dr. Abby Lavelle Staffieri trained directly under Dr. Greg Nostestine, who has been providing soft tissue frenectomy procedures for over 25 years in Dayton, Ohio, and is a leader in the field. Dr. Staffieri is now working closely with local and regional certified lactation consultants, speech and feeding therapists, and pediatricians to help get mom and baby to a happy and healthy feeding relationship.

We provide you a comfortable and private feeding and consultation room for parents, baby, and any other encouraging friend or family member that wants to come along for support before, during and after the procedure.

Patient Letters:

Dr. Abby

 We have seen such a tremendous change in our son since you corrected his tongue and lip tie!  He latches so well now and is just generally more pleasant, happy, and calm!  We can’t thank you enough!

Deepest Gratitude,

Jasper D.

Hi Dr. Abby!

It’s Vicki with Babyology.  I am sending you a video text of my granddaughter, you released her lip and tongue tie yesterday.  She was able to transfer 38mL on the left side today, with no pain!! Still working on the latch with the right side, but such an improvement already! Thank you so much for all your help!