When bacteria has spread through the outer enamel and through the next layer of inner dentin, it can eventually infect the pulp. Dental pulp is the innermost space of the tooth consisting of the tooth’s nerve and blood supply. When dental pulp is inflamed or infected, one may often feel extreme throbbing tooth pain, swelling, or severe sensitivity to hot, cold, chewing, or touch. When a tooth is infected into the dental pulp, antibiotics alone are not effective. Root canal therapy is often the only treatment to save the tooth.

Dental Wellness Tip:

Saving a natural tooth by root canal therapy is almost always better than an extraction and replacement option.

In root canal therapy, all the living material in the pulp space of the tooth is removed and thoroughly cleansed. Filling material is placed into the canal of the tooth all the way down to the apex of the root. This filling material completely seals off the root from outside bacteria and allows the body’s immune system to successfully fight off the infection, saving the tooth. Generally, a tooth requiring a root canal will also need a cap or a crown to seal off the crown of the tooth.

Root canal therapy is done with your comfort in mind and great care is given so that you will not feel the procedure. You will not need to seek a costly outside specialist (endodontist), as all treatment can be done at your Prospect, KY dentist Lavelle Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Saving your tooth with Root Canal Therapy is always a better choice than dental extraction, because it maintains the same attachment of the tooth and gums.