Home tooth whitening systems have completely flooded the consumer market, and there are many questions as to which whitening system is most effective. Many of these systems require uncomfortable strips that are placed over the teeth for varying amounts of time. Many of these whitening systems are effective, although are difficult to use properly for maximum results. There is an easier option. That option is Zoom! Whitening and it is available at Lavelle Dentistry, your Prospect, Ky., dentist.

Zoom! Whitening is the fastest and most effective system for a whiter smile.

Unlike other whitening systems that require days and weeks, Zoom! works in one brief, light-accelerated treatment with immediate whitening results. The whitening system is safe and stress-free. When applied in the dentist office, tooth whitening is safe, easy, quick and effective.

Almost anyone can benefit from teeth whitening. Of course, there are many reasons for discoloration, such as injury; staining from food, coffee, tea, and tobacco; childhood antibiotic treatment; and not everyone will experience the same results. At a free consultation we can discuss which kind of whitening is right for you and what type of results are possible.

Avoid tooth-whitening kiosks at malls and salons. The staff running these tooth-whitening kiosks may have no prior health care training and no license to provide services. Dispensing chemicals that could permanently affect teeth and gums requires training and expertise that only is provided at a dentist.