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Drs. Lavelle & Staffieri

Lavelle Family & Cosmetic Dentistry was founded in Prospect, Ky., in 1979 by Dr. Paul Lavelle. Dr. Abby Lavelle Staffieri recently joined his practice, bringing with her a passion and emphasis in cosmetic dentistry.


Christine W.

Louisville, KY

I had been wanting to have my smile cosmetically enhanced for some time, and when I found Lavelle Dentistry, I knew my search for a dentist was over. Their attention to detail shows in every aspect of their practice and their staff made me feel at home. My smile is beautiful, and I recommend Lavelle Dentistry to all my family and friends!

John R.

Anchorage, KY

It’s refreshing to find a dentist who sincerely puts the patient first. Unlike other offices where I have felt lectured to or guilty for some of my dental problems, the staff at Lavelle Dentistry made me feel comfortable and at ease. They answered all of my questions and really treated me like an equal.

Cindy S.

Prospect, KY

Going to Lavelle Dentistry seems less like going to a dentist than it does like going to a spa. Everyone goes out of their way to make me feel absolutely relaxed and comfortable. Suddenly, going to the dentist is not so bad!